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Happy new year status

Happy new year status


Happy new year status

Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits. 
The new year will be like the old one if you keep on doing the same old things. 

To a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year! 
Season’s Greetings and best wishes for the New Year.  
Best wishes for the holidays and for health and happiness throughout the coming year. 

Happy new year status

May the Almighty let you share your Good hopes, Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness with others give you strength to forgive and above all, have all the success you wish for in 2016. 
  The feeling that someone gets when we make them feel special, their smiles gifts us with a happiness which is incomparable to any other happiness in the world. make them feel special the same way you first did. Because they may not be able to endure the pain of being hurt by being ignored.

If there could be a thing that I could give you on this new year, I would choose to give one of my smiles to someone who needs it more than me. This message is for all those who are sad because of some or the other reason. Never forget my friend, God loves you. 
 New Year’s is the time to forget all your fears, drink a few beers, leave behind all your tears… so be merry and have happy New Year.
New Year is the time when, all your hopes are new, so are your aspiration, new are your resolutions and new are your spirits… so here’s wishing everyone a very promising, fulfilling and a very happy New Year.

Happy new year status

In this new year-forget fast, forgive quickly,
laugh a lot, and love truly. Wish you a happy
new year ahead! 
Accept my cute, little, beautiful, lovely, pure
but heartfelt wish for you in this new year
Wish you a Happy new year! 
My wish may be a drop of water in the ocean,
but the warmth of it may evaporate an ocean
out! Wish you a very happy new year! 
Years may come and years may go, we will remain
friends and never be a foe, so before the sun
set down low, I wish to wish a happy new year to you!
Goodbye 2015! Hello 2016! You remember: life is short, you really love, to release any further, laugh regularly and nothing to regret forever!
Happy New Year To All..

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